Capture image from web-camera

Following solutions were tried

  • using OpenCV – a library for computer vision. It was used over Emgu – .NET wrapper to OpenCV. This worked brilliant – easy and stable. The only reason why it was replaced by another solution - 90MB size of libraries used only to capture images.
  • using AVICAP32.dll - Video For Windows API. Usually it is located in a folder %WINDIR%\System32. It works fine on Windows Vista x86 but doesn’t work well on Windows 7 x64 (and other people also report such issue)
  • final solution is DirectShow.NET – a library to allow access to Microsoft's DirectShow functionality from within .NET applications. It works fine. This library is only 0.3MB. Code taken from DirectShowSamples (file Samples\Capture\DxSnap\Capture.cs) works even without modifications. This class is used in ViewModels\AddImageCapturedFromCameraViewModel.cs

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